Best Mouth/Oral and Anal Fleshlights for Alternative Pleasure

After months of good times with your great buddy (pornstar fleshlight), it didn't attract you like the old days. You want to switch your gear a little bit and try some alternative pleasure.

Best Anal fleshlight

What is Anal Fleshlight

Obviously, an anal Fleshlight or so-called fleshlight butt is a transportable fleshlight stroker that lets you masturbate from everywhere. The only difference is that they are imitating girls’ anal instead of Vagina. Just like any standard fleshlight, one can have your famous pornstar’s butt Fleshlight featuring a good establishing and nicely textured tunnel for sensible anal stimulation. The inner is composed of an extensive variety of various textures, bumps, and ridges to amplify your pressure and make you cum.

The texture's different. It feels more slippery. Since a lot of the anal fleshlights on the market are molded from real pornstars and internal passages are carefully designed by experts, the realistic appearance and unique massage will release you from normal masturbations.

Is it worth the price?

Some people like it and some don't. You have to try it before making the conclusion. It does come a little pricy, but if you are tired of the vaginal fleshlights, it is worth a try.

Fleshlight Pink Butt | Classic Realistic Anal Toy | Black Case

Fleshlight Pink Butt | Classic Realistic Anal Toy | Black Case

Strong suction
Advanced design
Increase sexual performance and stamina 

This Original design offers a perfect backside that has a completely smooth inner texture. This toy will train you to last all night long. Fleshlight men's sex sleeve toys can be used for both pleasures and to increase sexual performance and stamina.

Best Pornstar anal fleshlight

If you do not like the standard anal fleshlight that we recommend above, there are still many of them. Most of them belong to a category called pornstar fleshlight. Basically, pornstar fleshlight is fleshlight that imitates some famous pornstars in the Adult industry. You can check out our pornstar fleshlight articles explain them clearly. Here, we collect some famous pornstar fleshlight which has an anal one. So now you can fuck your famous pornstar and see their film simultaneously.

Riley Reid anal fleshlight


Revolutionary new coiled design complete with unique “pleasure pockets”, Riley Reid’s is the perfect combination of ribbed pleasure and tight stimulation. Every thrust deep inside her bott makes for maximum pleasure, ensuring you the ultimate orgasm.

Mia Malkova anal fleshlight


Mia Malkova‘s top-level will maneuver your dick into a dreamland of choking bends and vigorous twistings. Each turn of Mia's tight ass is loaded up with touching handles intended to add sizzling sensations to each stroke. Middle Level gives any man wanting anal play an epic experience with an extreme finale.

Lana Rhoades serves as a hot MILF. You will immediately feel how real Lana Rhoades’s Anal Fleshlight is which crafted to give fans an unmatched anal experience embody the most human-like anatomy for a tight, extremely pleasurable ride.

Elsa Jean anal fleshlight

Small and tight

Fixated on Elsa Jeans small, tight butthole? Her Treat is going to make you go wild. With pleasure pockets and specially crafted chambers of pure pleasure, the Treat is sure to be one of your favorite Fleshlight sensations.

In the beginning, you're met with a teasing resistance. A Dillion Harper's tight entry stretches and finally releases you into the first open and ribbed chamber. The further you enter the Crave, the more the Crave pulls you in. Tighten and loosen will make you feel in heaven.

Eva Lovia anal fleshlight

Super real

It's a dream about having sex with your favorite Fleshlight girls, but you don't have to simply live out these fantasies in your head. Eva Lovia is a dark-haired Fleshlight goddess who may immediately bring you to your knees. Only one look at Eva will entice you to get to know more about this erotic temptress.

Anal Fleshlight Summary

Fleshlight is surely the top-class hub for all sex toys, especially anal of sexiest porn models. There are many Anal Fleshlights are right here with you, and there’s no better time to unite with the asshole of your goals. The brand fits a wide variety of precise designs to help you satisfy your fantasies.
I wish our list of pleasant butt Fleshlight reviews could be beneficial when you’re making your choice. And when you have further questions or your very own anal Fleshlight experience, don’t hesitate to comment below to let us know.

Best Mouth fleshlight

What is Mouth fleshlight?

A Standard Fleshlight is a masturbation sleeve, lined with various bumps, ridges, and other textures, to simulate the organ of real women. So obviously, Mouth fleshlight is also called Oral fleshlight. Many sexes start from a blowjob, so that's why people invent the mouth fleshlight.

Instead of the common fleshlight which is an artificial vagina imitating some real hot pornstars, mouth fleshlight tries to imitate the cute mouth of some hot girl who sucks your dick. And there are differences, vaginal sex is like a nice tight hug all over, but hard teeth and empty space in the mouth do gives you ups and downs in the process

Here, we present some of the fleshlight mouths that are the best among them.

Fleshlight Ice Mouth Crystal Masturbator

Fleshlight Ice Mouth Crystal Masturbator

Great for couples or alone
Realistic feeling

Due to the transparent material, you can watch the action as you slide in. Watching it in action can be a great turn-on, but if this is not your style, you can find ones in solid colors as well. Any water-based lubricant works great. Warming the toy up in water first helps as it feels much closer to the real human. You will feel excited to try other patterns on the inside of the toy from the same company to see if any difference can really be felt.

Fleshlight Ice Mouth Crystal Masturbator

Fleshlight Mouth Masturbator Sex Toy Kit

Natural alternative to help increase sexual performance and stamina.

You need to make it wet or lubricated before usage.

Mouth fleshlight summary

To be honest, nothing can compare to the pleasure of a real blowjob but the mouth fleshlight is a pretty good substitute. Men liked the first half of the sleeve and enjoy using the foreplay Fleshlight as a swallow or deepthroat before continuing with something more exciting.

How to Use a Fleshlight – all you need to know

It is very fairly obvious how to use a Fleshlight. There is a vagina/butt/mouth-shaped hole. Well, you know how to use your penis! But there are a few tips that can help you to get the most from your Fleshlight journey. You only need a few simple tricks that can make your experience, longer, better, or more varied and ensure that you are getting the very best every time you use it.

Warm it

The first step of using fleshlight is to warm it. Although the soft material will make you feel like a real woman, it still lacks the temperature of real human skin. So heating it before use can make a huge difference to the feeling as you go in, and make everything more realistic. You can just heat the fleshlight with warm water by placing it in a clean sink full of hot water for a few minutes and you are good to go.

Choose the correct lube.

Adding the correct lube is another step to really change the feel of your Fleshlight. You should only ever use water-based lubricants due to the material used in making the sleeve. Other lubes like oil-based may damage the material. It is difficult to recommend a particular lube for everyone in general, using lots of thicker lube will lessen the intensity of the texture in a Fleshlight. If you don't know which one is good for you, we recommend Sliquid Naturals Sassy Lubricating Gel. Notice that depending on the intensity of your own sensitivity, you might find that particular type of lube works best once you try some of them.

Sliquid Naturals Sassy Lubricating Gel, 4.2 Ounce

Paraben Free

JoyToy WOW